We have the loan services that you need in Canton, GA

Personalized and respectful loan services–it’s what you deserve!

Here at Canton Credit, we specialize in loan services that offer a fast response time. We understand that in some situations it’s impossible to wait weeks for a loan. If you need money, and you need it now, take advantage of our loan services. We can approve most loans within one hour of receiving your application, and offer loans for all kinds of situations. Whether you are trying to recover after a bankruptcy, need help making ends meet until you get your tax refund, or need a small consumer loan, we can help. Contact us today in Canton, GA to speak with a friendly and professional loan specialist.

  • Loans Not Based on Credit Scores 
  • Family Owned & Operated 
  • State Licensed & Rate Regulated 
  • Personal Loans up to $3,000

Fast and painless solutions

Why bother with hours of paperwork and a lengthy waiting period before you hear a response? Our loan services offer a fast and painless application process (we use both Equifax® credit reporting and phone applications). We also have a quick response time–we can usually give you an answer within an hour. Call us today!

We want you to be able to live your life

Canton Credit leverages our loan services knowledge (we have been in business since 1985, and have a team with a combined 100+ years of experience) to help our customers. We do everything we can to provide customers with a loan, whether your credit is good or bad. And we’re able to approve approximately 90% of the loan applications we receive! If you’re frustrated, tired, and need a loan to ease your burden, we can help! Talk to our team in Canton for more information.