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Almost everyone has had to face a tough financial situation. The most difficult kinds of these situations tend to require funds that you simply may not have on hand. However, Canton Credit is here to ease your burden. Whether you are interested in our personal loans or tax loans, we are here to help. We also offer rent-to-own solutions that permit you to enjoy new appliances, furniture, or electronics for little or no money down! Come and see us in Canton, GA today for more information, or simply call if you have any questions.

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Need money quickly? Talk to our team in Canton. We are here to make your financial situation easier! Our loan applications are easy to understand and quick to process and you'll have your answer within 1 hour. We offer a number of state and rate-regulated loan solutions, including:

Tax Loans (based on your tax refund)
Personal Loans for Canton, GA Residents

We also offer all kinds of brand-new appliances, electronics, and furniture on a rent-to-own basis. Just tell us what you need to furnish or upgrade your home, and we will find the perfect product for you. Call us today or come see us in Canton!

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We are a family-owned and operated company that takes pride in helping to ease people's financial burdens. Stop by today or give us a call, (770) 479-1951!


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"I would recommend Canton Credit to my friends & family. They have a very courteous & friendly staff. When you walk in the door for the first time it is like walking in seeing your own family. They welcome you with open arms!"

-Lois, Canton, Ga.

"I highly recommend Canton Credit for their friendly service. I've known the Manager, Darlene, for a long time and she always helps us with our cash needs. I can also rely on them for fast, efficient, friendly & confidential service."

-Gladys, Canton, Ga.

Disclaimer: All loans subject to our usual credit policies

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